Becoming a Venue is easy.

Your patrons will see up to 10 of your free ads along with other local ads on the VineMaker platform.

  • No cost for equipment
  • No install fee
  • (10) Free Venue Ads (promote your daily specials)


CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED or call 360.582.6171

What's next?

  • Choose to become part of the VineMaker Family
  • Look over the pre-checklist
  • Click the 'Get Started' button or call 360.582.6171
  • We verify your business qualifies as a venue.
  • Equimpent gets configured and installed..
  • Bam...You are a venue!

Types of Ads

  • A Free ad is shown only in that specific venue
  • A Paid ad is displayed in most venues
CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED or call 360.582.6171

How would my business use VineMaker?

The Mariner Cafe chose to use some of their Ads to promote their daily specials and homemade pies. The Moon Palace has choosen to display their signature dishes along with fortune cookie wisdom. How will you use your free ads? Keep in mind you can update and change your free ads as ofter as you like through the VineMaker website.


  • You have established foot traffic
  • Your business has at least (1) Television with a free HDMI input
  • Internet Access is already established in your business
  • That was easy!